Tarform is a mobility brand based and founded in Brooklyn, New York. Tarform set out to create a new kind of mobility brand that honors the past and embraces the future. It believes that the vehicles of tomorrow should be built to last, technology should be used to create empowering experiences, and most importantly, sustainability should inspire everyone to take care of our environment.

The Tarform Luna Racer is a statement against mass production and short lifespans, using design as a driving force to inspire and adopt a sustainable mindset and rethink how vehicles are made by modular design.

A modular vehicle is one in which components of the vehicle are interchangeable. This modularity is intended to make repairs and maintenance easier, and/or to allow the vehicle to be reconfigured to suit different functions and stylistic preferences.

The Luna Racer and Luna Scrambler share the same powertrain and platform but differ in their aesthetics and feel. The Luna Racer has a lower ride-height at 31.5", stiffer suspension setup for better road stability, Avon Spirit ST tyres with exceptional grip and performance, all black anodized machined parts, an aerodynamic front cowl, and a halo front headlight.

Design Principles

The concept behind the Tarform motorcycle is based on 3 key principles:

  1. Designed to embrace change
    • A modular platform that enables continuous upgradability of parts and aesthetic appearance that can evolve with pace of technology and user preferences.
  2. Technology that empowers
    • The use of sensors, machine learning and connectivity to design intelligent machines and provide meaningful insights to the rider to make the motorcycle experience safer.
  3. Care for our environment
    • Take responsibility for the lifecycle of the vehicle. We prioritize the use of natural high-performance biomaterials and work with ethical suppliers.

Photo credit: @monaris_