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British Hillclimb Championship

Avon Tyres has been a key supplier to the British Hillclimb Championship for several decades.

The British Hillclimb Championship is organised and run by the British Automobile Racing Club on behalf of Motorsport UK and takes place at an array of venues throughout the United Kingdom and the Channel Islands.

The first British Hillclimb Championship was held back in 1947 and, since then, there have been 34 different champions.

Relentless product design and development has driven Avon’s success in Hillclimb, resulting in the most effective crossply and radial Hillclimb products available in the sport. Avon’s Hillclimb tyres are specifically engineered to tackle Hillclimb challenges, including the relatively short run distances and the need for the tyres to rapidly reach their optimum temperature.

2020 marked the launch of Avon’s latest and most comprehensive range of products to date, including new sizes, compounds and constructions specifically designed for the British Hillclimb Championship, together with a range optimised for Europe’s longer hills and warmer climates.

British Hillclimb Championship: Drivers in profile

As the 2021 British Hillclimb Championship Presented by Avon Tyres bursts into life, get to know some of the drivers behind the wheel with our question and answer profiles – from those who have competed in the sport for decades to relative newcomers.

British Hillclimb Championship: Drivers in profile