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Avon Tyres to support Leicestershire & Rutland Blood Bikes

MELKSHAM, UK, FEBRUARY 19, 2020 – Avon Tyres will support the Leicestershire & Rutland Blood Bikes (LRBB) in 2020 by equipping the charitable organisation’s van and motorcycle fleet. Under the arrangement, Avon will supply the Avon ZT7 (van) and Avon Spirit ST (motorcycle) tyres, which are designed to deal with the variety of roads and weather conditions encountered by the LRBB.

Run by volunteers, the LRBB delivers blood, plasma, platelets, samples and other urgently required medical items to public health bodies in the Leicestershire and Rutland counties – covering an area of 979 square miles. It provides a free, out-of-hours service between approximately 19:00 and 06:00 from Monday to Friday, with 24-hour cover at weekends and on public holidays.

Under normal circumstances, public health bodies would be forced to use emergency ambulances or taxis to transport the aforementioned products. However, with the LRBB’s voluntary service, all funds saved can be re-directed to National Health Service frontline operations.

Michiel Kramer, Sales and Marketing Director, Avon Tyres, said, “Avon Tyres is proud to be supporting the life-saving Leicestershire and Rutland Blood Bikes service. We offer reliable, high performance tyres which deliver when time is of the essence – a challenge the LRBB faces every day. We wish the volunteers a safe and successful 2020.”

Jonathan Bostock, Vice Chairman, Leicestershire & Rutland Blood Bikes General Committee, said: “We are thrilled that our van and motorcycle fleet has been equipped by Avon Tyres. When our volunteers are out on the road delivering supplies, often to tight deadlines, it is crucial that the vans and motorcycles are reliable and perform well. Whatever the road, and whatever the weather, Avon’s tyres never let us down.”

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