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Avon Tyres launches Roadrider MKII sport touring motorcycle tyre

MELKSHAM, UK, NOVEMBER 7, 2019 – Avon Tyres has launched its eagerly-anticipated Roadrider MKII sport touring motorcycle tyre, which brings several design and performance improvements over its predecessor.

Key benefits of the Avon Roadrider MKII include better grip in wet and dry conditions, reduced wear and shorter braking distances. Wet testing indicates a sizeable improvement in stopping distance compared to the Avon Roadrider.

By introducing an updated sport touring tyre, Avon Tyres is aiming to cement its position as a leading player in the market. In fact, its Roadrider tyre is factory fitted to Royal Enfield’s 350cc bikes.

Overall, the Roadrider MKII is available in 31 sizes and 37 specifications, covering H and V speed ratings and universal options. In addition to the expanded size offering, a classic tread and sidewall appearance makes the tyre suitable for bikes of all ages.

Dominic Clifford, Global Avon Motorcycle Manager, said, “The Roadrider MKII will enable us to build on the success of the Roadrider. Our design team have done a brilliant job to take the many successful elements of the Roadrider and improve them further. Given the strong benchmark, this was no mean feat.”

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