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New Avon AX7 all-terrain tire combines best of both worlds

MELKSHAM, UK, JULY 12, 2019 – Avon Tyres is on the eve of a new chapter in its rich and celebrated heritage with the launch of an innovative all-terrain tyre: the all-new Avon AX7.

Aimed at crossover vehicles and SUVs of all sizes, the AX7 is the third generation of high performance all-terrain tyres developed by Avon. A 60% on-road, 40% off-road tyre, and available in eight sizes from 16 to 20 inches, the AX7 offers excellent grip performance over a wide variety of conditions.

Standout features of the tyre include a new tread pattern, with five ribs contributing to impressive straight-line stability and surface traction without sacrificing handling performance. A high-tensile body ply has also been incorporated to enhance resistance to damage and increase the load carrying capacity. In addition, grooved tread block walls help prevent stone retention and penetration, boosting off-road performance.

Alongside these handling and safety developments, Avon Tyres engineers have worked to reduce tyre noise with a staggered tread design, which successfully delivers a quieter ride.

Michiel Kramer, Sales and Marketing Director, Avon Tyres, said: “We are proud to launch this new tyre and to keep extending our already impressive product portfolio. The Avon AX7 unlocks the benefits of a tyre with off road capabilities to consumers owning a CUV or SUV.”

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