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A wide range of sizes including the option for white wall or black wall. Manufactured in the UK.
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Dry performance
The tyre's ability to grip the road in dry conditions.
Wet performance
The tyre's ability to grip the road in wet conditions.
Tread wear
The wear rate of the tyre.
Quiet ride
The measure of how quiet a tyre is while driving.
How the tyre is able to respond to driving such as accelerating, braking, steering and turning.
Off road
The tyre's ability to have grip on unpaved surfaces such as dirt, mud, sand, rock or gravel.
*When compared to other Avon tyres
  1. Enhanced construction design
    Great handling and stability.
  2. Specially formulated durable compound
    For increased mileage.
  3. Incorporates sports tyre technology
    Delivers nimble handling.
Full specs

Tyre specifications

There are 34 tyre sizes available
Tyre sizeLoad/SpeedSidewallPositionRec.rimAlt. RimWidthWidthDiameterDiameterThread depth
insins (min/max)mminsmminsmm
130/60 R 2365VFMT3.503.50-4.001244.974429.34.8
130/60 B 2163HBlack SidewallFMT3.503.00-4.001295.168927.14.8
120/70 - 21 RF68VBlack SidewallFMT3.502.75-3.751204.770927.94.8
90/90 - 2154HBlack SidewallFMT2.151.85-2.50943.770127.65.2
MH90 - 21 RF56VBlack SidewallFMT1.851.60-2.15833.368827.15.2
100/90 - 1957VBlack SidewallN/AN/A100N/AN/AN/AN/A
100/90 - 1957VBlack SidewallFMT2.502.15-2.751094.366226.15.2
300/35 VR 1887VBlack SidewallRMT10.5010.00-11.0030011.866426.16.5
250/40 VR 18(81VBlack SidewallRMT9.008.50-9.502511065525.86.6
200/55 VR 1879VRMT6.256.00-6.501987.867926.76.8
180/55 B 18 RF80HBlack SidewallRMT5.505.50-6.00178765525.88.7
180/55 ZR 18(74W)Black SidewallRMT5.505.50-6.001847.265525.86.6
150/70 B 18 RF76VBlack SidewallRMT4.253.50-4.501485.866526.25.7
130/70 R 1863VBlack SidewallFMT3.503.50-4.00128564725.54.7
130/70 R 1863HBlack SidewallFMT3.503.50-4.00128564725.54.7
120/90 - 18 RF71HBlack SidewallFMT2.752.50-3.001295.167426.55.2
200/55 R 1778VBlack SidewallRMT6.256.00-6.501987.865825.96.8
150/80 R 1772HBlack SidewallFMT3.503.50-4.251505.967226.54.7
140/75 R 1767VBlack SidewallFMT3.503.50-4.251415.664425.44.8
130/80 B 1765HBlack SidewallFMT3.002.50-3.501305.163825.14.8
180/60 R 16 RF80HBlack SidewallRMT5.005.00-5.501827.263024.88.4
180/65 B 16 RF81HBlack SidewallRMT5.004.25-5.501857.3635258.3
180/70 R 1677HBlack SidewallRMT5.005.00-5.501827.265625.88.5
170/70 R 1675HBlack SidewallRMT4.504.50-5.501706.764525.48.2
150/80 B 16 RF77VBlack SidewallRMT3.503.00-4.251576.264025.27.2
150/80 R 1671VBlack SidewallN/AN/A150N/AN/AN/AN/A
150/80 R 1671VBlack SidewallRMT3.503.50-4.25152664625.48
140/90 B 16 RF77HBlack SidewallRMT3.502.75-3.751435.664925.68.7
MT90 B 16 RF74HBlack SidewallF3.00D2.50-3.501365.463825.15.2
MT90 B 16 RF74HBlack SidewallR3.00D2.50-3.501335.263825.18.7
MT90 B 1674HBlack SidewallN/AN/A130N/AN/AN/AN/A
170/80 B 15 RF83HBlack SidewallRMT4.003.00-4.501766.965925.98.7
150/90 B 15 RF80HBlack SidewallRMT3.503.00-4.251596.364525.48.7
140/90 - 15 RF76HBlack SidewallRMT3.502.75-3.751495.963324.98.7
Tyre care

Tyre care

Tyre construction
Every Avon motorcycle tyre is some of the world’s most advanced tyre technology.
Tyre Safety
Tyres are the only part of your motorcycle that are in contact with the road.
Tyre Pressure Guidelines
In order to get the most out of our tyres check your tyre pressure regularly
Tyre technical symbols
All the technical symbols you can expect to find on our Avon motorcycle tyres.