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Warranty Procedure

*Warranty Adjustment Procedure:
Note: Due to the latest requirements of the federal government’s Tread Act, we must strictly enforce this procedure.

If you believe you have a warranty please contact the dealer or on-line retailer where you purchased the tire. They will examine the tire and contact their distributor if they believe the tire is warrantable. See limited tire warranty (link here)

Authorized Motorcycle Dealer:

  1. Examine the tire to determine if it qualifies for adjustment based on Avon’s motorcycle warranty (see link)
  2. If tire is warrantable return tire to distributor for adjustment with following information:
    Tire size, model, issue, area in question clearly marked, tire issue, production date of tire
  3. Brief note describing the issue is helpful
  4. Handle customer in accordance to Avon’s warranty guidelines. Tire with less than 50% wear is no charge. Tire with more than 50% wear is prorated.
  5. Bear in mind that the distributor may determine the tire is not warrantable so if in doubt please call your distributor