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The Avon Cobra Chrome is our newest offering aimed at the power cruiser/touring/custom market featuring premium performance, a stylish Cobra themed design and a wide range of sizes.
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Dry performance
The tyre's ability to grip the road in dry conditions.
Wet performance
The tyre's ability to grip the road in wet conditions.
Tread wear
The wear rate of the tyre.
Quiet ride
The measure of how quiet a tyre is while driving.
How the tyre is able to respond to driving such as accelerating, braking, steering and turning.
Off road
The tyre's ability to have grip on unpaved surfaces such as dirt, mud, sand, rock or gravel.
*When compared to other Avon tyres
  1. Unique tyre design with detailed aesthetic features
    Bespoke snake skin appearance and embossed Cobra head logo.
  2. Excellent wet braking and stability
    Enhanced compounds and new construction deliver improved stopping distances in wet braking tests.
  3. High stability in all conditions delivering precise feel and tyre feedback
    Avon's latest tech pattern and advanced construction produces over a 5% larger tyre footprint compare to Avon Cobra.
Full specs

Tyre specifications

There are 61 tyre sizes available
Tyre sizeLoad/SpeedSidewallPositionRec.rimAlt. RimWidthWidthDiameterDiameterTread depth
insins (min/max)mminsmminsmm
200/30 R 23 RF74VRMT7.006.50-7.501997.870927.95.4
130/60 VR 2365VF/RMT3.503.50-4.001244.974429.34.8
130/60 B 2163VFMT3.503.00-4.001244.969527.44.8
120/70 - 21 RF68VFMT3.502.75-3.751204.770927.94.8
120/70 - 21 RF68VWhite SidewallFMT3.502.75-3.751204.770927.94.8
90/90 - 2154HFMT2.151.85-2.50943.770127.65.2
MH90 - 21 RF56VFMT1.851.60-2.15833.368827.15.2
MH/90 - 21 RF56VWhite SidewallFMT1.851.60-2.15833.368827.15.2
130/60 B 1961VFMT3.503.00-4.001244.964425.44.8
120/70 ZR 19(60W)FMT3.503.00-3.751234.864925.64.7
110/90 - 1962HFMT2.502.15-3.001194.768226.95.2
100/90 - 1957VFMT2.502.15-2.751094.366226.15.2
100/90 - 1957VWhite SidewallFMT2.502.15-2.751104.366226.15.2
300/35 VR 1887VRMT10.510.00-11.0030011.866426.16.5
260/40 VR 1884VRMT9.008.50-9.5026010.266526.26.7
250/40 VR 1881VRMT9.008.50-9.502519.965525.86.7
240/40 VR 1879VRMT8.508.00-9.002389.464825.59.2
200/55 VR 1879VRMT6.256.00-6.501987.867926.76.8
180/55 VB 1880VRMT5.505.50-6.001787.065525.88.7
180/55 ZR 18(74W)RMT5.505.50-6.001847.265525.86.6
150/70 VB 18 RF76VRMT4.253.50-4.501515.966726.35.8
140/70 B 18 RF73HRMT3.753.50-4.501405.566126.08.7
130/70 B 18 RF69HFMT3.503.00-4.001305.164725.54.7
130/70 VR 1863VFMT3.503.50-4.001285.064725.54.7
130/70 R 1863HFMT3.503.50-4.001285.064725.54.7
330/30 R 1787VRMT11.5011.00-12.5032812.963124.86.5
200/50 R 1775HRMT6.256.00-6.501997.863124.88
200/55 VR 1778VRMT6.256.00-6.501987.865825.96.8
190/60 VR 1778VRMT5.005.00-6.001887.466026.06.8
180/60 B 17 RF81VRMT5.004.25-5.501756.965525.88.7
160/70 B 17 RF79VRMT4.503.75-5.001566.166226.18.7
150/80 R 1772VFMT3.503.50-4.251505.967226.54.7
140/75 R 1767VFMT3.503.50-4.251415.664425.44.8
130/80 B 1765HFMT3.002.50-3.501305.163825.14.8
240/50 R 1684VRMT7.507.00-8.002379.364925.67.2
200/60 VR 1679VRMT5.505.50-6.252007.964625.47
180/60 R 1680HRMT5.005.00-5.501827.263024.88.4
180/65 B 16 RF81HRMT5.004.25-5.501857.363525.08.3
180/65 B 16 RF81HWhite SidewallRMT5.004.25-5.501857.363525.08.3
180/70 R 1677VRMT5.005.00-5.501827.265625.88.5
180/70 R 1677VWhite SidewallRMT5.005.00-5.501827.265625.88.5
170/70 R 1675HRMT4.504.50-5.501706.764525.48.2
160/80 B 16 RF81HRMT3.753.00-4.501676.666526.28.7
150/80 B 16 RF77VRMT3.503.00-4.251576.264025.27.2
150/80 B 16 RF77VWhite SidewallRMT3.503.00-4.251576.264025.27.2
150/80 R 1671VRMT3.503.50-4.251526.064625.48
150/80 R 1671VFMT3.503.50-4.251495.964525.44.7
150/80 R 1671VWhite SidewallFMT3.503.50-4.251495.964525.44.7
150/80 R 1671VWhite SidewallRMT3.503.50-4.251546.164525.48
150/80 - 1671HFMT3.503.00-4.251576.263725.15.2
140/90 B 16 RF77HRMT3.502.75-3.751435.664925.68.7
140/90 B 16 RF77HWhite SidewallRMT3.502.75-3.751435.664925.68.7
MT90 B 16 RF74HF3.00D2.50-3.501365.463825.15.2
MT/90 B 16 RF74HR3.00D2.50-3.501335.263825.18.7
MT/90 B 16 RF74HWhite SidewallF3.00D2.50-3.501325.263825.15.2
MT/90 B 16 RF74HWhite SidewallR3.00D2.50-3.501335.263825.18.7
230/60 B 1586HRMT6.255.50-7.002299.066826.38.7
200/70 B 1582HRMT5.504.75-6.252007.966126.07.7
180/70 B 1576HRMT5.004.25-5.501807.162624.68.7
170/80 B 15 RF83HRMT4.003.00-4.501706.765325.78.7
140/90 - 15 RF76HRMT3.502.75-3.751495.963324.98.7
Tyre care

Tyre care

The writing and symbols on the sidewall of your tyre aren't there simply to make it look good.
Tube fitment
Guidance on fitting tubes into tyres.
Tyre size information
In order to get the most out of our tyres check out the information on your tire.
Tyre construction
Encompassed within every Avon motorcycle tyre is some of the world’s most advanced tyre technology.