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Tube Fitment


Guidance on fitting tubes into tyres

1. Determine whether a tube is appropriate for your application:

Tubeless tyres fitted to appropriate rims and operated correctly do not need inner tubes; however, there are some applications where users may choose to install a tube, such as with a spoked rim or when using a tube type tyre.  See your professional tyre dealer or service technician for guidance on whether the use of a tube is appropriate and for assistance in selecting the correct tube for your motorcycle or passenger vehicle.

2. Be sure the tube is properly fitted:

Tyres and tubes should only be fitted by an experienced tyre professional. Below are some important guidelines for safe and proper fitment of tubes into tyres:

  • Always use a new tube when fitting a tyre.
  • Always use a tube with matching size marking. If correct size tubes are not available, an alternative size tube should NOT be used.
  • Prior to a tube being fitted to any tyre, carefully examine the inside of the tyre to ensure that there are no features which could potentially damage the tube.
    • Examples include, but are not limited to:
      • Paper or plastic identification labels.  If labels are present, they should be removed prior to  tube fitment.
      • Damage to the inside of the tyre, possibly due to a previous penetration or repair.   Damaged tyres should not be fitted with tubes.
      • Foreign matter (e.g. dirt or debris).
  • Replace the rim band when fitting a new tube.
  • New tubes should be pre-inflated to ensure the tube fits uniformly within the cavity of the tyre.

3. Inner tubes should never be used as a means of repairing a puncture to a tubeless tyre, as a proper repair should be carried out to retain the tubeless properties of the tyre.

4. Ensure correct air pressure as recommended by the tyre manufacturer or your professional tyre supplier.

5. Seek the advice of your professional tyre dealer or service technician if you have any questions or concerns about your tube fitment.