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Avon Radial Cut Wet
Avon has spent over 100 years developing and manufacturing our motorsport tyres to ensure championship winning performance. Manufactured in the UK.
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Dry performance
The tyre's ability to grip the road in dry conditions.
Wet performance
The tyre's ability to grip the road in wet conditions.
Tread wear
The wear rate of the tyre.
Quiet ride
The measure of how quiet a tyre is while driving.
How the tyre is able to respond to driving such as accelerating, braking, steering and turning.
Off road
The tyre's ability to have grip on unpaved surfaces such as dirt, mud, sand, rock or gravel.
*When compared to other Avon tyres
Avon Radial Cut Wet
  1. Wide range of sizes and patterns available
    A size to match your vehicle and a pattern to suit your performance requirement.
  2. A range of compounds available to maximise performance in wet weather conditions
    A compound to match your application.
  3. Wide range of radial constructions available
    Construction to match your requirement.
Full specs

Tyre specifications

There are 82 tyre sizes available
More Information?
Tyre size
The tire size is made up of: Tread Width / Aspect Ratio / Rim Diameter. For example 245/50R18
Rim choice
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Rim used
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Measured at
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The rim diameter is the wheel diameter in inches. For example 18 inches when reading a tire size of 245/50R18
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160/530R135.5 -
175/530R136.0 -
195/530R138.0 - 9.08.520.01.420.805289.692468.15207970602
180/550R138.0 -
210/550R158.0 - 10.08.526.01.821.905569.492418.66220921572
210/550R139.0 -
230/550R139.0 -
230/550R158.0 -
180/565R137.0 -
200/565R138.0 -
190/570R156.5 -
245/570R139.5 -
250/570R1310.0 -
250/570R1510.0 -
275/570R1310.5 -
275/570R1510.0 -
290/570R1310.5 - 12.011.820.01.422.8057912.4831711.10282885550
290/570R1511.0 -
205/580R157.0 -
205/580R167.0 -
225/580R158.0 -
210/600R167.0 -
225/600R1310.0 - 11.010.520.01.423.7560311.262868.27210849528
240/600R1510.0 -
240/600R168.0 - 10.09.520.01.423.6059910.432659.65245855531
245/600R1310.0 -
265/600R1610.0 - 12.010.820.01.423.6059911.4629110.31262855531
300/600R1313.0 -
300/600R1511.5 - 12.512.
200/605R177.0 -
200/605R167.0 - 8.57.520.01.423.906078.622197.87200844524
230/605R178.0 -
205/610R177.0 -
215/610R177.0 -
230/610R168.0 -
250/610R169.0 -
300/610R1610.0 - 12.010.820.01.424.3061712.5631912.52318830516
210/620R177.0 - 8.07.520.01.424.206159.022298.27210833518
230/620R178.5 -
250/620R179.5 - 10.510.020.01.424.3561810.9827910.00254828515
330/620R1314.0 -
330/620R1514.0 -
325/630R1612.0 -
210/635R177.0 -
240/635R178.5 -
255/635R1510.0 -
255/635R179.5 - 10.510.020.01.425.2064010.752739.88251800497
275/635R1510.0 -
275/635R1710.5 - 11.511.020.01.425.2064011.6129510.51267800497
210/640R198.0 -
210/640R187.0 -
225/640R188.0 -
225/640R197.5 - 8.58.529.02.025.506489.252358.98228791491
240/640R198.5 -
240/640R188.5 -
245/640R1311.0 - 12.511.820.01.425.1063812.2031010.04255804499
250/640R189.5 - 10.510.
250/640R198.5 -
285/645R1710.0 -
290/645R1710.5 - 12.512.020.01.425.6065012.6832211.22285788490
335/645R1812.0 - 13.512.
270/650R1810.0 -
300/650R1811.0 - 12.512.
300/650R1711.0 - 12.512.026.01.825.7965512.6032011.73298782486
270/660R1311.0 - 12.511.820.01.425.7065313.3934011.06281785488
315/660R1313.0 - 15.013.820.01.425.7565415.0038112.24311783487
350/660R1314.0 -
370/660R1314.0 -
270/680R1810.5 - 11.511.
270/680R1910.5 - 11.510.529.02.026.8068111.4629110.55268753468
285/680R1911.0 -
285/680R1811.0 -
300/680R1812.0 -
300/680R1912.0 -
290/700R1510.0 -
280/705R1811.0 -
300/705R1812.0 -
320/705R1913.0 -
320/705R1813.0 -
290/710R1510.0 -
350/720R1514.0 -
365/720R1814.5 - 16.014.529.02.028.3972115.9440514.37365710441
Tyre care

Tyre care

Ordering procedure
When ordering your Avon motorsport tyres it is important to give your racing tyre supplier as much information as possible.
Avon Tyres Motorsport produces slick tyres in a variety of different compounds, with each compound aimed at a specific area of motorsport.
Tread pattern and wet weather pattern guide
Hand cutting tyres should only be undertaken by a trained professional, do not attempt to cut a tyre yourself.
Fitment guide & tube fitment
Guidance on fitting tubes into tyres. Consult this page to find important information on proper tube fitment.