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General Care

Next to regular tyre maintenance, there are also potential situations where tips may help you prevent or solve a tricky situation. We have combined the top five things you should know about your tyres.

Top five general tyre tips

1. Uneven wear - If your tyre tread is badly worn in some parts but not in others, it could mean that your tyre pressure is too high or too low; check it.

2. Tracking Problems - Excessive wear around the outside or inside edges of your front tyres could mean your front suspension has been knocked out of line through hitting a deep pothole or banging against a kerb. Ask your Avon dealer to check your car's tracking; if it is out of alignment, getting it fixed will make your car feel much better to drive.

3. Wheels Out Of Balance - Wobble through the steering wheel? This may mean your wheels and tyres are out of balance because a ‘balance weight' has dropped off. Having your wheels balanced at your Avon dealer is quick and inexpensive.

4. Sidewall Damage - Look out for cracks, bulges, kerbing damage and splits in the sidewall of your tyre, as they are potentially dangerous and could be illegal. Ask your Avon dealer to examine any tyre conditions to assess whether they are repairable, or whether you should replace the tyre. Don't be tempted to 'risk it'.

5. The Spare Tyre - Easily forgotten until the dreaded day you actually need it. Check its pressure regularly and ensure it's not damaged or too badly worn. Rotation of tyres may keep wear even.