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Warranty Procedure


This warranty applies to all Avon tires, purchased in the USA or Canada under the Avon Road Hazard Warranty scheme. It is limited to one “no charge” replacement tire per purchase. The Road Hazard Warranty expressly excludes non-DOT race tires.
This warranty is valid up to the first 1mm (2/32”) of tread depth expended. The tread depth is measured on the center groove of the tire for the first 1mm (2/32”) of wear.

Claims can be honored by any participating Avon tire dealer in the USA or Canada. Claims must be accompanied by a dealer’s invoice issued at the time of the original tire purchase. The tire must also have been balanced and have been fitted with a new valve where necessary.
This warranty covers normal road use only. Incorrect inflation, off-road use, racing and deliberate or malicious damage will invalidate the warranty.
Applies to the original purchaser and is non-transferable.

Does not cover rapid or uneven wear caused by motorcycle defects.
If the tire is removed or repaired by a non-approved company or individual the warranty will be declared invalid.

Damage incurred while fitting or removing the tire isn’t covered by the terms of the warranty.
When all other conditions have been met, an Avon Motorcycle Tyre distributor will provide to the participating dealer a ‘no charge’ replacement Avon in the same model as purchased – all you will pay for is refitting, rebalancing and new valve.

This warranty program is effective for a period of one year from date of purchase.

Except for the express warranties set forth in this “Limited Warranty”, all other warranties, conditions, representations, promises, guarantees, covenants or collateral agreements, express or implied, statutory or otherwise, relating to the tire or any services provided in relation thereto are excluded to the extent permitted by law.


Some states do not allow exclusion of incidental or consequential damages so this limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.
This Warranty gives you special rights and purchasers in the USA and Canada may also have other rights, which vary from state to state and or from province to province.

No employee, dealer, distributor or representative has authority to make any statement, commitment, promise or agreement binding upon Avon, except as stated herein.

Proper vehicle and tire care is necessary to obtain the expected wear from a tire. It is your obligation to properly maintain your tires and the vehicle upon which they are mounted, including (A) operating your tires at the inflation pressures recommended by the vehicle manufacturer and (B) keeping your tire/wheel assemblies in balance.