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Sam Manicom

Sam Manicom is an adventurer who has trusted Avon Tyres for more than 20 years.

Within three months of learning to ride a motorcycle, adventurer & author Sam set off to travel the length of Africa. This planned one-year trip turned into an epic eight-year, 200,000-mile journey across 55 countries around the world.

Sam now works full-time in the world of adventure travel. When not writing magazine articles, conducting multimedia travel presentations and instructing at motorcycle events, he is very much involved with travel-related organisations.

He is the author of four motorcycle books, which take the reader riding across the six continents which made up his journey around the world. Sam’s books are available as paperbacks, e-books and audiobooks.

When he is not involved with all of the above, you’ll find him off riding motorcycles somewhere with his partner Birgit.

"I discovered how good Avon Tyres are over 20 years ago and I've been on them ever since."

- Sam Manicom -