Tyre Storage Advice

Tyres will age regardless of how much or how little use they get. With this in mind it is particularly important that special care is given to tyres stored for extended periods of time; this may be anywhere from several weeks through to an entire winter period.

The following storage advice will allow you to prolong the integrity and safety of the tyres:-

  • Storage temperature should ideally be below 25°C and above 0°C. If a tyre is marked with a Green Tread Print lines on the tread or carries a technical advice label; this denotes that special care is required (Ref. Green Tread Print Tyres – Technical Advice).
  • The storage area must be dry and well ventilated to stop any build up of moisture or condensation
  • Tyres should not be stored in direct sunlight but instead should be kept in low ambient light environments
  • Store tyres away from any ozone producing electrical items such as generators, motors and fluorescent lamps
  • Solvents, fuels, lubricants, chemicals, acids and disinfectants need to be kept away from the tyres
  • For short periods (up to 4 weeks) tyres can be stacked on top of each other; preferably on pallets, to a height not exceeding 1.2 metres. The order in which they are stacked must be reversed every few weeks.
  • If the tyres are to be stored mounted on rims they must be inflated to the recommended manufacturer pressures and placed upright against one another.
  • For longer storage periods, the tyres must be stored upright on shelves in a single row at least 10 cm above ground level. To avoid shape deformation you will need to rotate the tyres on the shelves every four weeks.

Technical advice labelled tyres

Green Tread Print lines found on certain products denote that fact that the compound is temperature sensitive and the recommendations for correct use and handling of the product need to be adhered to in cold environments.

Caution! The rubber compounds used in this tyre have unique properties which may have reduced flexibility when exposed to temperature below 10oC/50oF. As a result incorrect handling of this tyre may result in cracking of the tread compound.

To minimise the possibility of damage to the tyre at low temperatures please follow the instructions below:

  • These tyres should always be stored at temperatures above 10oC/50oF.
  • Before fitting or removal from the wheel rim, these tyres should ideally be stored for 24 hours at 20oC/68oF.